TEKKEN The Motion Picture

Movie Cover
Movie Cover
Original Release: 1997
60 Minutes In Length

"Since the beginning of history, people have fought in the name of God; bending to the inventive demands of their fickle diety. And screaming for rightousness, they wontonly spill the blood of their enemies as well as their own. The purpose behind this bloodshed, however; goes beyond simple explanations of religion or notions of justice. The truth is buried deep within those who wage the wars. Since the beginning of this planet, a memory has been engraved on the genes of all living things. A memory of fighting. Humans seek to defend their actions in the name of truth. The act of fighting is itself a true act! Without this truth, the fire will perish. To learn the way, ask your own flesh and blood, because once flesh is the door to the truth. To master the way, ask your own Ken(Tekken) of fist. Because complete knowledge of ones' flesh, blood and fist is what creates one's Tekken, AND TEKKEN IS THE KEY TO LIFE!!!" - Introduction In The Movie

JunGanryu & MichelleLee
Jun........................ Ganryu and Michelle....... Lee

ABOUT THE MOVIE: Okay, most experienced anime movie-goers tend to flame the ass off the Tekken anime, but I'm gonna give it an objective, positive(for once) rating so ppl don't hesitate to give it a chance. Anyway, the movie starts with the introduction above(add some flashy, cryptic graphics and music). It opens up showing the young and adorable Jun and Kazuya. Jun is crying and holding a rabbit who had been eaten by a couger and Kazuya is consoling her. The mood is dark, brooding and the air is misty. After some more cutesy emotional talk, a mean and horrible Hiehachi comes along and tells Kazy that he shouldnt be a weakling and that he shouldnt be hanging out with Jun. He picks Kaz up, rips off his necklace(pendant w/ a picture of him and his mom)and chucks it(Jun picks it up later). Then he claims that he wants to test his son and takes him to the edge of a mountain. He tells 'em a little lion story about throwing him off the mountain and says "if you are strong you will climb back up". Poor Kaz screams with fear, begging for mercy. Hiehachi wickedly drops his poor little son off the cliff and walks off smiling, menacingly. Later we find out why he did this.
Sixteen years later, Hiehachi calls the Iron Fist Tournament, inviting all of our favorite Tekken entities; Jun, Lei, Gun Jack, Nina, Anna, Yoshi, Law, Ganryu, Michelle...etc. They all have their own reasons for Killing Hiehachi or winning the million bucks. Something else you should know is that Hiehachi adopted Lee and Lee is one of the big antagonists in the movie. ...He's gettin' things on with both Nina and Anna!^.^; However, he has a nice car and I like the way he dresses. Anyway, Kazuya climbs up the cliff and becomes posessed by Devil because he is consumed by hatred...he comes to the tourny to kill his pops and it goes on from there....

The only time they show Jin is for a sec in the intro(along w/ Xaioyu, Hwoarang and all the rest), and as a little kid in the end with his mom(he so cute, I could hug and sqeeze 'em to bits!). The movie is a little too short and yeah, maybe there's acouple of mispronounciations of names *sigh*, but overall, its pretty aright! Lei is funny, Jun is psychic, Kazuya is angry(as usual), Hiehachi is mean, Lee is permiscuous, its dramatic, pretty good animation and best of all, it features the best fighters that we all love and know so well !!
Warning: Animated violence(lotsa gushing blood) and brief nudity

JackLei & JunHeihachi & Kaz
Gun Jack............ Lei and Jun.......... Heihachi and Kaz

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